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SMF Group News
Here you can find:

Members of SMF group
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PGP-keys of SMF members

Latest news :

  • Gobleen Warrior close his page
  • Janusz (editor of TopDevice e-zine) join SMF group
  • released new version of FileScanner by SMT/SMF

    News on site - released tools : Batch Checker v1.5 by Duke/SMF, Registry Tools by SMT/SMF (RegDiff v2.04 & RegCleaner), Windows Control by SMT/SMF, FileScanner (generation II) by SMT/SMF, FileScanner Tools (Pack #2) by Duke/SMF (Protector Detector v0.6 & LogAnalizer 0.5),

    Gobleen Warrior, OOTSS_1, VOVAN now members of SMF group !!!

    DVL #10 released !!! Download from DVL release page!

    Our old hosting now died :((( Now we at HTTP://SMF.CHAT.RU again. We looking for VX-oriented hosting, with PHP3 support and ~20Mb of free space. Also we need banners for banner-exchange.

    New webmaster of this site - Duke. Mail me at smf2000@mail.ru. Big thanx to SMT for site-support.

    New members joined SMF group !

    Wanna be new member ? Join now !

    1. If you work in Cracking/Coding/Hacking/VirMaking/Art ...
    2. Download our application ...
    3. Send application and your works to president of SMF group
    4. Wait for answer :)

    Mail to webmaster. If you want trade with Duke, mail to him :)
    Please use PGP-encryption ! Open PGP-keys of SMF group you can download here.