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DVL News
by Duke/SMF

Magazine "Russian VIral Review #3" was released !

Uploaded new AVP logs !


DVL #10 was released !

Magazine contains viruses and virus technologies, written on Assembler & Visual Basic; Unknown Entry Point infection engine, Direct Phantom poly engine, DINA v2.2 stack mutation engine for Win32, Narglung's Macro Poly Engine; macro virii written on assembler; articles about macro crypting and Linux-virii. 30 articles and more than 23 virii in this issue ! Authors of this issue : Voodoo/SMF, CyberShadow/SMF, Gobleen Warrior/SMF, ULTRAS/MATRiX, LordDark/MATRiX, DaemonSerj, FRiZER, VOVAN, Narflung, SST/VHC, Steel. (560Kb)

21-Jul-2000 I'm proud to announce starting of gathering info for the DVL #11 magazine! All virmakers can send their viruses and/or articles to smf2000@mail.ru . Copyright is guaranteed :) Approximate date of release - a october 2000.

Released virus BigBug.9500 (available at "DVL Releases" section).
E-zine LZ0 #2 added to "DVL Releases" page.
New WEB BOARD added to site.

Server http://homepages.hack-net.com in down :((( Our page available now at http://smf.chat.ru. Please use this URL in bookmark and links.

Released Anti-Joiner v2.2 be Duke/SMF - detector/cleaner for 80+ glues & trojans.

01.06.00 Released new version of virmaking tool "Advanced Batch Mutator" v1.3 by Duke/SMF. Sorry for wrong link to ABM v1.1 :(( (10Kb)

24.05.00 Released virmaking tool "Advanced Batch Mutator" v1.0 by Duke/SMF - first mutator for batch files ! (13Kb)

Also released BAT Checker v1.4 - now detect 361 batch viruses, get it here.

16.05.00 E-zine MoonBug #11 uploaded to server. Anti-Joiner v2.1 released.

11.03.00 Pages moved to new server !!! English version not the same with russian version of site.


DVL #9 was released!

Magazine contains viruses and virus technologies, written on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Assembler, Visual Basic; poly engines PePe 1.1, PMP, ISPE, RPMCE 1.2, MCPRACE 2.0, UMPE; INF-virus and many other info. 34 articles and more than 30 virii in this issue ! Authors of this issue : SMT/SMF, Voodoo/SMF, CyberShadow/SMF, Deviator/HAZARD, CrkV, RedArc, ULTRAS, Deadman/SOS, LordDark. (800Kb)


RVR #1 was released!

This is new monthly e-zine in HTML, which called Russian Viral Review. E-zine contains news (September'99) about russian and world VX scene, about AV and trojans tests of AV, Wild Lists and so on. If you have any news (about VX scene or AV world) for new e-zine RVR , please mail it to smf2000@mail.ru and i put it in next issue of RVR.

Released BAT Checker v1.3 with 274 virii in database.

17.09.99 Released AV-program "BAT Heuristic v1.0" by Duke/SMF. This is heuristic scanner for batch files, best BAT heuristic analiser in the world.

20.08.99 Duke leave virmaking ! Now Duke only coder and collector(trader). Also Duke left X-Vex2000 group, coz it's corrupted group. Full news you can find at russian page (sorry, only in russian). You can mail me at adress smf2000@mail.ru.


DVL #8 was released!

Magazine contains viruses and virus technologies, written on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Assembler, WordBasic, Visual Basic, DOS-script, Java Script, Windows Interface Language; constructors MacrEngine and DPOG v0.02; polymorphic generators SMM32 and PePe; some script-virii, smallest BAT-virii in the world, multiparite virii and many other info. 43 articles and more than 47 virii in this issue ! Authors of this issue : Duke/SMF, Voodoo/SMF, CyberShadow/SMF, Deviator/HAZARD, RedArc, ULTRAS, CrkV, AIDMan, MiDeZ, zmumriz. (840Kb)

19.07.99 Released DPOG v0.02 ! Now DPOG-virii non detectable by AVP & DrWeb !

Not available for download TPPE 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, Macro.Office97.Kiss, Macro.Word97.Mountain.a,b,c, Companion.38,39,40,41. You can find this files at DVL #7.


DVL #7 was released!

Magazine contains viruses and virus technologies, written on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Assembler, WordBasic, Visual Basic, CorelDraw Script, DOS-script, mIRC Script, Perl ; virii for Win32; constructor China Town 0.1b, polymorphic generators TPPE 0.3, SMM, SME; some script-virii, polymorphic virus HLP-infector, script virii tutorials, multiparite virii and many other info. 50 articles and more than 50 virii in this issue ! Authors of this issue : Duke/SMF, SMT/SMF, Voodoo/SMF, CyberShadow/SMF, Deviator/HAZARD, Deadman/SOS, RedArc, FRiZER, ULTRAS, 2b, AIDMan, -Byst-. Include virii Companion.38,39,40,41, Macro.Office97.Kiss, Macro.Word97.Mountain.c (525Kb)

03.07.99 New version of famous virmaking database VDAT 1.9 by Cicatrix was released. Addes notes about constructors/engines/tools SBVM, TPPE, ChinaTown, DSVCT. VDAT 1.9 (8Mb)

16.06.99 Outsider left SMF because BBS "Shelter of Darkness" now closed. Now members of SMF : Duke, SMT, Voodoo, CyberShadow. Candidates to join : Tankist, Pruslas.

22.05.99 Today i write my new macro virus : Macro.Word97.CrazyManiak v1.0 beta. This virus have very big body ( more than 100Kb 8-[ @ ] ) and... not suspected by heuristic analizers of HMVS, AVP, DrWeb, NOD (all latest version). This is only beta - they only copy himself to NORMAL.DOT. Full version coming soon. (50Kb)

19.05.99 I make english version of this site !!!

Old news
translated by SMT/SMF

17.05.99 One italian pirate, which names himself XaRaBaS [DkpRJ], changed copyrights and some text lines in my SBVM 0.02d and China Town v0.1 constructors (it seems they're taken from DVL #5). He steals completely even my description in english! Now it spreads these VCKs as their own, when I've not even mentioned or thanksed in the Greets section Fucked ashole !!! XaRaBaS - son of a bitch !!!

13.05.99 Created a new version of macro-constructor China Town v0.1b. Fixed some bugs, but this version still beta...

12.05.99 On SG group site were appeared news about our group. But in distorted view. Their version of news and my comments on this cause read here.

Also, ppl require bread, spectacles and WIN.INC file for compiling Win32-viruses by SMT. Today this file finally put into site.

10.05.99 Today I've sent my virus HLLO.TPPE.Demo v0.3 - a demonstration of my polymorphic generator TPPE 0.3 to the Labs of Kaspersky (AVP) to compete viruses participating in the VirusBuster's contest. We'll see, who will win - possibly my virus will be best among all submitted for the contest :) I acknowledge that TPPE 0.3 not such cool, if 10000 from 10000 infected files will be detected by AVP to the end of the august 1999.

01.05.99 I've released a new version of polymorphic generator TPPE 0.3 by Duke/SMF. In contrast with the version 0.2 there were made a lot of changes in the generator. Now it is a powerful polymorphic engine, and not every antivirus can detect all viruses, produced by TPPE. And those, who'll try to detect, probably will not overcome 90% edge ;-)). I promise to write more powerful version of TPPE, if any antivirus will detect 10000 polymorphic copies from 10000.

I planned to present this polymorphic engine on "VirusBuster's Polymorphic Engine Competition" contest, but VirusBuster did not take it because presented engine must be written "from zero" :(( Well, I have no time to start such projects, so I am refused from struggle, though I had no doubt in its honoured victory - read documentation to TPPE 0.3 and you convince themselves, that amount of variants of viruses more, than astronomical number ;-)


DVL #6 released !

Magazine contains viruses and virus technologies, written on Turbo Pascal, Assembler, WordBasic, Visual Basic, DOS-batch; viruses for Win32, constructors SBVM 0.02d, China Town 0.1, polymorphic generator TPPE 0.2 and others articles. Authors of this issue are : Duke/SMF, SMT/SMF, Tankist/SMF, Soulburner/HAZARD

19.04.99 I've written my first constructor of macro-viruses. The Constructor is named China Town v0.1 and even do not ask me, why exactly so :) This is beta version, so I wait responses and offers.

11.04.99 I've released new version of polymorphic generator TPPE 0.2 by Duke/SMF. Added antitracing trick, bug fixed, polymorphism was advanced, structure a bit changed.

05.04.99 I've released new version of BAT-constructor Simple Batch Virus Maker v0.02d by Duke/SMF. It made as a DOT-file and works under Word 6.0 or higher.

01.04.99 New version of famous virmaking database VDAT 1.8 by Cicatrix was released.This versions gives a sufficiently attention to SMF group - it contains articles dedicated to SMF group, DVL magazine, interviews with Duke and SMT, notes about constructors DPOG, DPVG, DVL, SBVM and polymorphic engine TPPE .


DVL #5 was released!

Magazine contains viruses and virus technologies, written on Turbo Pascal, Assembler, WordBasic, DOS-batch; articles about antivirus errors; interview with Cicatrix, and other info... Authors of this issue : Duke/SMF, SMT/SMF, tARANtUL/Hell13 (180Kb)


DVL #4 was released!

This issue ontains more then 120 alive viruses with full sources on Tirbo Pascal, Assembler, WordBasic, DOS-batch; constructors SBVM v0.01 (BAT) and DPVG v0.20 (HLLO/HLLW/HLLC); polymorphic generator TPPE v0.01; articles about polymorphism on Pascal, full list of virii, detected by AVP, symbiosis on Pascal, and many other ideas... All issues are avalable on Release page. Authors of this issue: Duke/SMF, SMT/SMF, Tankist/Hell13 (783Kb)

29.01.99 Work under the polymorphic generator TPPE 0.1 by Duke/SMF (TRANS & PINC Permutation Engine a.k.a Turbo Pascal Polimorphic Engine) was finished. This is the first polymorphic generator, written on Turbo Pascal language in the world. There were generators for C programming language only before this. As can be seen from it name, generator allows to create permutaion viruses of sixth (highest :) degree of polymorphism. Generator spreads in the source texts.

27.01.99 This site created! All viruses info moved here from SMF group site (http://www.chat.ru/~smf)

For dummies: names of people and groups, names of large projects, names of virii releases are color highlighted.


To english readers: all suggestions and language corrections PLEASE send to smf2000@mail.ru